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NHS Reforms Passed - Shut the fuck up retard - to Darkoverlord aka 15 year old manga fanatic



It’s not RIP NHS. And it’s narking me off just how many people are complaining about this.

You wanna say RIP NHS? Then you wanna put that date years ago. There has been gradual privatisation in the NHS since before, and during Tony Blair’s terms as Prime Minister.

If you’re gonna consider this RIP, then you’re years late.It was already dead. While I don’t support increased privatisation, and I don’t agree on competition. I honestly want to see how you’d “save” it. Well besides going “reclaim taxes”, we know that’s never going to happen.

However, people are claiming all doom and gloom, I’m sorry did you miss this?

It will give GPs control of much of the NHS’s £106bn annual budget

In case you forgot, rapidly during Labour’s terms did businessmen not doctors have control of the NHS. All those targets you talk of were to make the NHS not save money, but to make a profit out of it. The countries problems with privatisation were an issue that was there long before this bill. Hell before this bill came in, need I point out that almost ever “minor” sequence in the NHS was no long in the nations interests? But were already under Private Control?

Hell, if people say the bill will ruin the NHS, the issues were already going. I’m sorry but it’s not in the past year the NHS and GP’s were considering dropping minor surgery from the NHS’ “free of charge” works. It’s not been in the past year that the NHS and GP’s considered privatising almost all the other issues.

The NHS at the core will still exist, and will still be highly controlled by a government, Labour or Tory, who have been slyly privatising the “National” Health Service for more than twenty years…

RIP NHS, 1970s

ADDENDUM: It just occurs to me that even if the HMRC reclaimed lost taxes it still wouldn’t cover the 106 billion pound bill it has per year…

RIP Darkoverlord 2013 - that is a threat.

Keep your damn mouth shut.

Actually I don’t vote Tory as a Left learning centrist (In British politics) they generally don’t align with my values and ideals (Guess what, I vote for who I believe is closest to my vaules. Not voting in Labour to “keep the Tories out”). Difference is, unlike you I can however see a pattern trending from other parties such as Tories in the Thatcher years, to the Blairites from 1997 to 2010. The NHS has been radically privatised for more than 20 years as I stated. Your ignorance to this astounding and you are clearly just fuelled by hatred of a political party, nice work *clap clap*

Instead of telling you “RIP Someone who can’t spell my username 2013” I’m going to instead insist that you instead look at what Labour did under Blair and Brown. You’ll find that they very rapidly privatised minor services in the NHS. However I doubt you won’t care as “it’s not the tories” will you? Or will it actually make you question your political values at the core? No. I doubt it.

While I agree with you, the pending increase in privatisation of the NHS is a bad thing and should not happen. Need I also point out that I am not going to be sending death threats to people I “think” are Tory voters. Nor will I tell them to keep their ‘damn’ mouths shut. After-all, we live in a rather civilised country, when the chavs aren’t rioting and thus can post my thoughts. Whether you like them or not. Nor will call people retards, for all I know they could actually be accelerating instead, we never know these days.

I also live in a country where sending people death threats is considered illegal, regardless of who they vote, what ethnicity they are, what gender they are and what sexuality they are.

So please, do continue, as the first person for you to reblog with a post that actually has some thought behind it I implore you to respond in part.

Alternatively, I could just start using more slang in my posts than I already do and just type like I’m from t’up north in Lancashire. I’m fully well aware of what an effect the Tories had on my town, and my parents. However I’m not blinded enough by it to stop it from letting me think clearly, ho’hum.

(Also not 15 ;D)