Damn Red Dragon


Other places that you can find the Damn Red Dragon

Social Networking

Google+ Often dead. I’m not good at this.
FormSpring - Don’t often get questions and honestly I have an ask box here I’m more likely to pay attention to.
BackLoggery - Another site I barely update. But mostly because I’m boring and don’t play that many games.
Raptr - Games here, automatically updated unlike Backloggery :B
Klout - A “Social Network Scorer” as far as I can put it. :B


deviantART - As of now it’s nowhere near as updated as it used to be.


I’ll honestly claim nothing about my Weasyl, FA, SF, and IB accounts. Given the 18+ nature of those sites you will find Mature content, maybe not in my gallery no, but it’s a warning. Don’t go whining at me about what you find either :V


Raptr, BackLoggery - Crossover ho!
Steam Account - Generally poke me in an ask fanmail first. I don’t generally accept random adds, sorry!

I’ll update this more at some point. Perhaps throw forums you can find me too? Hurr hurr.